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Welcome to Harmony Structures website!

On books and reading and much more...
Here you can find essays by Tetyana Lunyova devoted to the book as a specific phenomenon, its role in the modern culture, changes that it undergoes.
The essays with reflections on important modern issues are posted here as well.
Essays list:
1.Books as Birds
2.What Can Happen without You: Contemplating on the Cultural and Ecological Project Protective Flowers
Personal Development for Thinking People: an Open Book
The e-book with the parallel texts in three languages: Ukrainian, Russian and English. Here you can read for free a new e-book by Sergiy Lunyov and Tetyana Lunyova. A new chapter will appear regularly.
- Preface
- Financial freedom
- "Do It Yourself"
- Family: a Few Notes
- My Beautiful Garden with Weeds
- On the Mobile Phone and the Skill to Wait
- Personal Development: Typology
- Is It Worth Spending Money on Personal Development?
- Prayer as Gratitude and Gratitude as Prayer
- On Being Focused and Dispersed
New! September 15, 2012

This website provides information about our Family Publishing House
Structures of Harmony,
our work and editions and much more.
On our website you can read some books or chapters from books for free, listen to audio files, download versatile useful materials, join our projects, etc.

The main goal of creating this website is to make it a useful resource for thinking people who experience different life situations, not only intellectual and aesthetic.
You can read more about our conception here.

The website is currently being filled with information. We invite you to often visit it!
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